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Project Office for innovative Art-Culture and Society-Politics is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)established as Association based near Graz, Austria, which wants to contribute to fighting social disadvantages and unemployment and to the increase of equal opportunities, transparency and efficiency in relevant systems by innovative projects in the social sector.

The focus of our association is the conception and implementation of research and pilot projects as well as in the development of adequate measures with (social) political background.

The thematic field stretches from employment politics and development of labour relations over equal opportunities and gender fairness to targeted interventions for disadvantaged groups.

Emphasis is recently also put on encouragement actions and innovative projects for adolescents, with a special focus on young women.

Besides national and regional projects, international (EU) projects make up a special focus;

the continuous exchange of international know-how resulting from this of course is an additional advantage for projects on the national level.

Special emphasis is given to innovative forms of Information Technology (IT) for special applications in the social sector,

e.g. tools for assessment and evaluation of social services or for creating qualification portfolios. Into the public relation activities for our projects we integrate the possibilities of new media and artistic expression.

Besides the project tasks we offer counselling, mentoring and information services.

Our members are as well individual persons as legal entities (NPO, NGO)